This perfect staging is attracting you almost magically? Here, everything is tuned to smooth information exchange. The lounge-like interior stimulates open and creative exchange of views in a relaxed atmosphere. NOVIS LOFT mount large format screen units continuously inform about the latest news.

NOVIS LOFT mount | Large format screen | ceiling-mounted | Digital Signage

The age of digital customer care.

Everything, from floor to ceiling, has been designed and harmonized to serve the primary purpose of customer care. No carelessly installed electronic component mars the view. A relaxed, comfortable atmosphere signifies this new style of customer care. Which shows that high quality technology can set trends.

This is where visitors and their host employees can mirror the content of their digital devices on the large screen. Large and clear presentations as desired are possible. This isn't the only way our LOFT mount is an all-round talent. The optional Multitouch feature can help browse and position pictures and other information interactively on the screen.

In die Wand integrierter Großbildschirm NOVIS LOFTmount NOVIS LOFT mount | Large format screen | flush-mounted on the wall | Sparkasse Neunkirchen

LOFT principle

Breathtakingly beatiful integration.

Design LOFT mount

The front side is veneered with special optical glasses. With its completely even front the NOVIS LOFT mount is flush-mount into walls and merges with ist surroundings. It completes interior designs and doesn‘t disrupt them. The LOFT mount just fits.

Foolproof mounting, variety of optional features

The sophisticated mounting system of the NOVIS LOFT mount makes mounting it a foolproof task and maintenance easy. With a variety of optional features the LOFT mount fits into designed surroundings as well as any existing system perfectly.

The LOFT Family

LOFT monitors of varying mounting type can be combined freely. Our LOFT mount makes use of the same design elements as our retractable monitor LOFT fold and the design monitor LOFT desktop.

Reliably meeting all requirements

Manifold application areas of our customers require maximum flexibility. Alongside commonly used interfaces like HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort, we offer various other interfaces as well. Every monitor of the LOFT Family can be equipped with high-precision multi-touch function and therefore enables intuitive interactions. We also offer highly effective privacy filters that block the screen‘s content from side views to make our monitors the perfect fit for discretion areas.

Reliable and sustainable

The LOFT Family was created in 1996. Since then our monitors have shown again and again that through their proven industry-standard technology, high-quality housing and robust mechanical components they easily keep up with the lifespan of furniture they are attached to.


We offer 3 years guarantee for electronical components and lifelong for mechanical ones.

LOFT mount Product Information

Overview over Application Areas, Versions, Options and Technical Specifications of the LOFT mount.

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Documents for Planning and Installation

Technical Drawings, 3D-Models, Tender Documents, etc.

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