Up and away.

You will find our NOVIS CustomLine monitor solutions in many places, even in lofty heights like this—the conference room on the 42th floor of the newly built European Central Bank building in Frankfurt/Main. High-class hardware helps support the European finance ministers reliably when they make their far-reaching decisions. NOVIS CustomLine monitors—tailored specifically to the conference environment and fitted with powerful stereo speakers—are mounted on the conference tables to present visual and audible content appealingly without blocking the line of sight to those sitting on the opposite side.

Individueller Einbaumonitor von NOVIS für Ausstellung

Perfectly tuned.

Our NOVIS CustomLine monitor solution fits into this continuous exhibition of a major German sports brand in a restrained and shapely manner. The monitor offers a high resolution LCD display, a touch-through-glass panel, high-performance stereo speakers and a shapely design—all that is needed to appeal to the visitors' senses. In this way, the monitor solution tops off the thrilling insights into the brand's history perfectly providing for fascinating interaction and information.


Even if the ambiance suggests restraint, NOVIS CustomLine is the monitor solution of choice. The highly luminous IPS panels—delivering razor sharp images even at high viewing angles and with optional antireflection coating in light flooded ambiences as well—are sure to turn immersing in the moving pictures of this film exhibition into a true, immaculate pleasure.

NOVIS Design Einbaumonitor auf Filmausstellung
NOVIS Einbaumonitor: individuelle Lösung für Konferenzraum

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As we did for this conference room inside a French city hall in a project in cooperation with Thonet.