Always a perfect fit.

Suitable for every interior and installation situation.

Novis LOFTmount monitors and touch panel PCs are exceptional in many ways. An unparalleled variety of design options makes it easy for you to find the right equipment for your specific environment. Full-screen glass fronts or glass-metal/real wood combinations in a variety of different designs, colors and patterns will give you the creative freedom for perfect integration into your existing or planned surroundings.

You decide if you want your monitor to blend unobtrusively into or stand out from its surroundings. Custom branding in the style of your corporate design and logo is also possible. Despite their elegant appearance, the devices are extremely robust and well suited for use in public areas.

The very slim monitors have absolutely flat front and backsides and are very easy to clean. The front consists of a continuous, polished, impact and scratch resistant toughened safety glass surface, which is optionally available with a very effective and neutral-color anti-reflective coating or touch function.

Fits anywhere.

In the wall, on the wall, hanging from the ceiling, free-standing, as lectern terminal, built into a console or furniture.

Thanks to the passive cooling and low installation depth of the LOFTmount monitors, virtually any installation and mounting situation can be realized. Design aficionados will especially enjoy the flush wall installation option, which can be done with or without a shadow gap. The sophisticated mounting system of the optional built-in receptacle makes maintenance easy and its integrated vibration decoupling makes operation in vibration-prone environments possible.

Wall or ceiling mounting is supported via universal mounting options based on the VESA mount standard. Standard mounting situations therefore become simple and cost effective. We offer customized solutions on request for complex installation requirements.

LOFTmount monitors can be operated horizontally or vertically. For certain mounting versions, the flat reverse of the monitor can also be used as advertising space.

Novis LOFTmount. IPS-Designmonitor mit robuster Glasfront. Montage in oder auf der Wand | Einbau Bildschirm, Einbau Monitore
Novis LOFTmount. IPS-Designmonitor mit robuster Glasfront. Montage in oder auf der Wand | Einbau Bildschirm, Einbau Monitore
Novis LOFTmount 21,5'', white. IPS-Designmonitor mit robuster Glasfront. Montage in oder auf der Wand | Einbau Bildschirm, Einbau Monitore

Everything at a glance.
Never miss a thing again.

LOFTmount as an infoterminal, a kiosk system, for building control systems or as a digital signage application.

Because of their mechanical and technical characteristics, LOFTmount monitors are especially suited for all applications when it comes to the dynamic presentation of information or interactive applications. Whether used as a visitor guidance system in public buildings, an information display at airports and train stations, a medium for presenting digital goods and services on customer PoCs, or a touch control panel in smart homes, LOFTmount systems are always a reliable partner for you and your customers.

The technical properties are also just right.

High quality, durable industrial grade quality.

Our displays provide a remarkably vibrant, high-contrast image with a high luminance of up to 600 cd/m2 and wide viewing angle. Numerous equipment options make it easy for you to optimize your LOFTmount monitor for its intended use: Capacitive or projective capacitive touch, LAN/WLAN, KNX/EIB interfaces for building automation, integrated camera, audio system with powerful stereo speakers, microphone and noise gate, protection classes higher than IP20 (standard) and much more. You can find more details in the datasheet.

All components are designed for a long lifecycle during normal continuous operation (24/7/365). The sustainability of our LOFTmount products is also ensured by the long-term availability of replacement parts.