The invisible monitor.

A LOFTfold table-mounted monitor is like a good butler- invisible as long as you do not need him, but immediately there when you 'summon' him. A simple movement of the hand is enough to move the monitor into position or make it disappear into the table again. Then there is nothing in your way any more. Nothing can distract you. This way, you can control any work and communications situation in no time at all, without any annoying modifications or switching of seats.

Novis LOFTfold 17,3''.  Versenkbarer Design-Tischeinbaumonitor, zugeklappt | Design Monitor, Einbau LCD

Wide range of applications.

LOFTfold monitors are ideal for conference, training and meeting rooms, reception desks and lecterns, as well as information terminals. LOFTfold products are often used in customer service and for demanding single workstations as well. The standard integrated IPS panel in the 21.5" model provides high-contrast and color fidelity even when viewed from steep side angles. Additional flexibility, greater ease of use and advanced application options are available via the optional throughglass touch function.

Novis LOFTfold 17,3'' alu, white, Vorderansicht. Versenkbarer Design-Tischeinbaumonitor, ausgeklappt | Design Monitor, Einbau LCD

Solid workmanship.
Robust mechanics.

Each LOFTfold monitor is integrated absolutely flush with the table top, with either the screen side or rear panel facing upwards. If desired, the back panel can be supplied in the table veneer or the table finish. In the closed position, only an approx. 2 mm wide circumferential shadow gap can then be seen. Inclination and distance to the viewer are infinitely variable.

The mechanics are virtually indestructible. This is why we grant a lifetime warranty on the folding mechanism of the product.

Novis LoftFold Custom Design TFT Monitor in der Seitenansicht. Perfekt für Konferenzen oder ihre Meetings.

The most important facts.

► Almost invisible when folded away ► Monitor and adjustment mechanism completely integrated into the buit-in receptacle ► Professional assembly by carpenters and joiners of your choice ► Extremely robust mechanism with lifetime guarantee ► Operated manually or motor-controlled ► Numerous options: Rear panel in table veneer or color, different sizes, touch function

Beispiel LOFTfold