The new FLOmove brings motion into your everyday business. Through its automatic, continuous adjustability adaptable to your current needs: completely hidden, fully extended to 250mm above the table surface and tiltable to up to 35° or partly lowered into the table. This way important information can be viewed while still staying in contact with colleagues and partners.

Novis FLO≡EVO 21,5'' black/Edelstahl, Rückansicht. Premium-Design-LCD-Bildschirm | Design LCD, Einbau Monitore

No limits.

Never get caught on the wrong foot again. FLO≡EVO monitors are available with various bases that differ in form and function. With the optional folding base, for example, you can bring your display to any position you want: vertical, slightly to highly inclined or, like a tablet PC, lying flat on the table.

Smart Design.

The FLO≡EVO product line combines modern design in wide format with state-of-the-art LCD / IPS technology. Aluminum and glass make the very slim monitor an irresistible eye-catcher. Feel how shape and material flatter your eyes and hands, and experience FLO≡EVO pure fascination.

down to the last detail

Incredibly versatile.

Because of its extremely adjustable tilt angle, the monitor adapts to any viewing situation. This impressive multi-talent is ideal for flexible and mobile use on desks, lecterns, in meeting rooms, on reception desks and wherever you want to stylishly present your visitors with information or simply give them internet access. And with the optional throughglass touch function, you can turn this multi-talented monitor into a true all-rounder.

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Distinctive and unique

Do you value corporate design? No problem. On request, we can equip your FLO≡EVO monitors with your company logo and matching color scheme.

Novis FLO≡EVO 17,3'',  Rückansicht,  Premium-Design-LCD-Monitor mit Firmenlogo | Design LCD, Einbau Monitore
FLO≡EVO 17,3'' 16:9 yellow/black, Rückansicht,  Premium-Design-LCD-Monitor mit Firmenlogo.
FLO≡EVO 17,3'' 16:9 red/white, Rückansicht,  Premium-Design-LCD-Monitor mit Firmenlogo.
FLO≡EVO 17,3'' 16:9 white, Rückansicht,  Premium-Design-LCD-Monitor mit Firmenlogo.
FLO≡EVO 17,3'' 16:9 grey, Rückansicht,  Premium-Design-LCD-Monitor mit Firmenlogo.
FLO≡EVO 17,3'' 16:9 blue/white, Rückansicht,  Premium-Design-LCD-Monitor mit Firmenlogo.

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