Novis DesignLine.

Our guiding principle for the Novis DesignLine is to combine the useful with the beautiful. The result: monitors that can be visually and functionally integrated as attractive design elements into any room concept. The virtually unlimited selection of colors and patterns available offer extensive design flexibility and let you integrate our screens either in a discreetly unobtrusive manner, or so that they accentuate or even become a highlight of their surroundings.

The carefully composed interplay of form, color and select materials, such as aluminum, glass and stainless steel, gives our slim Novis DesignLine monitors a very special appeal that is both graceful and fascinating. And, once you come into contact with these designer items, you can feel the underlying attention to detail and pleasure in their sophisticated functionality. So it is not surprising that, in the appropriate setting, these screens may look like sculptures.

Our latest development is a continuation of this synthesis of form and function specific to Novis. DesignLine monitors are now available in a highly efficient and neutral color anti-reflective coating. The micro-etched toughened safety glass not only suppresses any unwanted reflections, but also prevents the colored residual reflections that are typical of conventional anti-reflective coatings and may detrimentally affect the monitor's look. There's no better way to combine ergonomics and design.

Other recent innovations, such as the HDCP option, the 2 x 10 watt audio option, the latest PCT multi-touch solutions, and brilliant IPS panels make our DesignLine products even more flexible to use.

DesignLine Product Overview.


FLO≡EVO is the latest desktop product from our Design Line series. It includes state-of-the-art design elements and can be equipped with functionally and visually different bases.

  • Ideal for representative offices, in customer service situations or as a stylish cash register
  • Extremely compact design, slim housing, little space required
  • Flexible due to its 90° swivel range (with folding base)
  • Options: 3 base versions (folding base, Delta-base, L-base), customized colors and patterns for the housing and frame, your logo, throughglass multi-touch functionality (PCT)


The DesignLine classic with balanced proportions and a wide front frame.

  • Ideal for representative reception desks and in customer service
  • Rotates and swivels, with base plate or anchored in a table
  • Flat front and back sides made from toughened safety glass
  • Options: Base mount with integrated cable duct or base plate, custom colors and patterns for housing and frame, your logo, throughglass multi-touch (PCT)


Our tried and proven monitor for table and furniture installation. Fully retractable, easy to use, robust mechanical parts.

  • Ideal for meeting/conference rooms, training rooms and video conferencing
  • Reverse available in table veneer/color
  • Display side either visible or invisible when closed
  • Options: Custom colors and patterns for housing and frame, your logo, throughglass multi-touch (PCT)


LCD monitors in the LOFT design for wall and ceiling mounting or free standing. These devices are designed for the unique needs of digital signage applications.

  • Minimum depth, fanless cooling
  • Display with extra high luminosity and wide viewing angle
  • Built-in receptacle for wall or panel mounting
  • Universal mounting options, including VESA
  • Options: Custom colors and patterns for housing and frame, your logo, throughglass multi-touch (PCT), video input (composite, DVI-I, HDMI), integrated PC with LAN connection, audio set, built-in camera