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About us.

For more than 20 years, Novis Technik + Design GmbH has been developing and manufacturing innovative monitor design solutions in Germany meeting the most stringent requirements in terms of technology, materials, workmanship, quality, and service levels. In doing so, we greatly value sustainability, which is why we only employ highly reliable industry grade screens and use recyclable materials such as glass and aluminium. In addition, our customers in the areas of industry and business administration value the high level of professionalism and flexibility that we demonstrate when manufacturing and customizing shortest production runs or individual pieces as well as solutions for larger projects in our production facility. Working with select domestic and foreign partners, we offer a range of services combining high-quality products with first-class support and enabling you to make future-proof investments.

LOFT Design Monitors Make for Superior Designs.

Spirited creative professionals are thrilled by the LOFT Design Monitor 2018 Series' consistent design concept. Whether on the wall, on the table, or built-in, all LOFT monitor models feature the same characteristic design elements identifying each monitor unmistakably as a member of the LOFT family. This allows the different display types and sizes to be mixed and matched freely, enabling interior designers and decorators to apply these monitors as stylistic devices to compose a coherent, attractive overall ambiance in many ways. Our LOFT model has been honoured with the Design Monitor Award.

Monitors of great beauty – standing, suspended or built-in.

Our DesignLine comprises numerous models designed for integration into tables as well as mobile or fixed positioning on tables or other surfaces. Our MountLine includes mountable monitors best for integrating into consoles, tables, and walls: They come with screen sizes of up to 65 inches and optional multitouch functionality identifying up to 80 touch points making them ideal for digital signage applications. With our IndustryLine, we provide extremely reliable, durable, and robust monitors for industrial applications. Stainless steel enclosures, single pane toughened glass fronts and IP68 water resistance are standards for this monitor series and we can cater for even more demanding environments with highly accurate touch functionality providing for smallest input areas for instance. You have an even more special project in mind? Then our CustomLine monitor series will help us find a solution specifically tailored to fit your wishes. Check out our product pages accessible via links on this page, gain inspiration from our illustrations and example images in the picture galleries, and find a solution matching your project. We will be glad to help.